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At 1822 Denim, we don’t design our denim for us – we design it to fit you because a one-and-only deserves a one-of-a-kind treatment. We believe in putting the custom back in customer. And while our denim may be premium, don’t call us exclusive. We’re inclusive. No two bodies are alike. No two individuals are alike. It's time to create a new vision where YOU get to set your own trend when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans.


We are pioneering new ways to break the rules on traditional sizing methods. Our innovative sizing technology gives us primary insights of customer’s body measurements in 3D modeling. By exploring and continuously developing our sizing technology with a data driven mindset, we strive to offer ultimate customized denim pieces that are curated for each and every one of our customers.


We are committed to help create more sustainable practices in the production cycle of denim and bring our customers better products that last longer and are designed with intention. Innovative technologies and progressive approaches to designing jeans for every body type allows us to apply sustainability practices with fewer returns and a reduced carbon footprint for a greener earth and better world.

The Studio

Our Founder

Peter is the founder and CEO of A3 Apparel, LLC. As a father, businessman and philanthropist, he believes in creating a community, company, and products based on a foundation of integrity.

In business, Peter is a strategic leader with 20+ years experience in the denim industry, and is known for launching and growing multiple enterprises. His professional footprint includes, VP of Planning for Jones Apparel, L.E.I., and COO of 17/21 Group, LLC. In 2015 he launched A3 Apparel, LLC., and to date has grown its brand 1822 Denim, into a multi-million dollar entity.

Our Story

We are building a company that values inclusivity, sustainability, and pioneering new ways to break the rules on traditional sizing methods.

Founded in 2015, A3 Apparel, LLC., started with the belief that denim should be made with purpose and quality while remaining affordable and kind to our planet.

As fashion and denim professionals with years of experience, we recognized the flaws of industry standards. Our mission is to change the conversation, set an example, listen to our customer’s needs and offer her what SHE wants.

The Brand

For years fashion experts have determined how you should look, the size and shape you should be and what price to pay for well made products. 1822 Denim disrupts the norm, building a community that embraces women for who they truly are, and offering products that they love and keep.

At 1822 Denim, our customers are the center of everything we do. We listen, create and deliver, all while doing our part to help the planet with sustainable practices. We offer smart denim essentials for women in all shapes and sizes. Fit is singular and personal to each individual. Our 3D fit technology allows us to capture body data to design, and recommend the perfect jeans tailored for YOU and your unique size.


We’re on a mission to put fashion stereotypes out of fashion for good. Because true inspiration comes from real people. It comes from you, and that mindset drives everything we do. From the way we hire, to the way we design, to the way we live, every action is made with a specific meaning and thoughtful intention.

Our commitment to inclusivity lies far beyond the products we make.  We have built of team of doers and dreamers that all believe in the freedom of choice, representation and the desire to change the norms for a better tomorrow. We are dedicated to our employees and take pride in the development of everyone’s talents to allow them to reach their full potential.

Our Partnerships

We believe in inspiring and supporting others to change the conversation. We are a team of passionate people just like you that want to make a difference everyday by being great leaders, activists and creatives. A3 Apparel LLC is committed to helping educate the community on inclusivity and the importance of leadership opportunity. Together, we will weave a new fabric to clothe a more empathetic generation.




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Our Brand

A3 Apparel LLC is an equal-opportunity employer and is committed to providing a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, training and promoting qualified people of all backgrounds, and make all employment decisions without regard to any protected status.